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(Formerly known as School Manager by Benditas / BSM)
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With Schoolers solution, everyone from the schoolers to the teachers, parents and school management are VIPs. We make no mistake in this and strive to treat you as such.

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Most of the features outlined below make up just a few of our ever growing solution.
Updates are frequent to enhance the solution and make things even easier than they already are for you, our VIP!


Easy to use!

Schoolers is so easy to use that we only need to train you once, if neccessary!


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Schoolers works on Apple, Android and any smart device!



Monitor student progress, attendance, assignments etc all from Schoolers!


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We give free updates from Schoolers forever for schools that sign up!


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Your results are yours and we have no intention of changing that. We customize your digital result to your taste as much as possible!

Our VIP Schools on Schoolers!

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Benefit of Schoolers

What's in it for you as a VIP?



  • Easy results download
  • Assignments and live class
  • Easy transport signup
  • Timetable tracking
  • Easy notifications
  • Contact teachers with ease



  • View results easily
  • See attendance
  • View timetable
  • Track Assignments
  • Online payments
  • e-Wallet Feature (soon)



  • Submit marks easily
  • Automatic report cards
  • Easy attendance marking
  • Student / parent messaging
  • Add assignments easily
  • More time to self-develop



  • Very rewarding income stream
  • Parent satisfaction
  • Records digitization
  • Easy retrieval of past data
  • Save on paper and printing
  • Easy notification (Online/SMS)

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