Frequently asked questions!

Get answers to frequent questions we receive from our teeming clients

We want to join, how do we get started?

Send us a message or call via any of the following email or numbers -,, +234 81 106 858 96 and we will get you started right away.

What is the minimum number of students I need to get started?

At Schoolers we encourage growth and are willing to grow with you. With as little as 100 students, we can get you started on Schoolers. Have less than 100, give us a call, we are flexible.

Your customized report cards are great? Are they free?

The extremely unique algorithm that manages report generation at works with you to customize your report cards. This is a very complex process and we will give you 1 report template for free. Additional report templates or modifications to report templates will attract charges.

Things to note before report card customization:

Ensure subjects are correct and complete. Changing subject names after report card is customized will disrupt the process
Ensure all fields are complete before customization. Changes afterwards will negatively affect report generation (newly added or modified subject names may not show up) attract extra charges.

What else do you provide to us as a school?

As a VIP on Schoolers we also give you free access to our stellar CBT application to encourage growth and mastery of CBT exam environments.